Neoménie z Panství Lomnice

Neoménie z Panství Lomnice – Nea


Date of birth: 22. 12. 2009
b.c.: 5/2 not erupted I1 down, confirmed X-ray, complete set of teeth, scissor bite
Size: 31–38,5–46–13,5–3 cm

Shows and Exams
Excellent, CAC CZ, 2nd best junior in show, Class winner
Exam Dog good citizen – silver level 06/2012
Exam Dog good citizen – bronze level 06/2011
Health Tests
Syringomyelia 0a, Chiari malformation 0a, PSOM none 05/2015
MVD auscultation, ultrasound/dop­pler. – neg. 03/2015
Inherited eye diseases: free 04/2015
Patella luxation: 1/0
DNA tests: EFS: clear, CC/DE: carrier

About Nea

Nea is ebullient, always well-tempered and ready for “action”. She fetches through all obstacles enthusiastically and fast during agility trainings; she loves running around the field, to hunt for a tuft on the coursing, and also elegant trotting in the show ring. Nea ingratiates everyone around her with her friendly and fondling character; she is very airy and communicative… her main goal is to always show everyone that she really loves them.


Show Critics