Flower Fair of Sevijean's

Flower Fair of Sevijean's – Lili


Import France
Date of birth: 7. 5. 2010
b.c.: 4/V/3, complete set of teeth, scissor bite
Size: 30–37–45–13,5–2,9 cm

Czech grandchampion
Czech champion
Czech junior champion
TOP Cavalier 2011 Ruby female 1st place
Best of colour, Excellent, CAC CZ, res.CAC CZ, CAJC CZ, CAC SK, res.CAC SK, CAJC SK, Regional Winner, Class Winner
Health Tests
MVD. neg. 09/2011
Inherited eye diseases: free 07/2011
Patella luxation: 0/0
DNA testy: EFS: carrier, CC/DE: clear

About Lili

Her name, Flower Fair, describes her exactly… Lili is a fine and delicate lady. She runs agility happily, she hunts for the tuft on the coursing enthusiastically, and she also shows beautifully off in the show ring. But her favourite activity is to cuddle and to get stroked over and over… the best thing is if she can manages to elicit, eventually steal unnoticed, a piece of something good for eat…:)


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