hot news from our lives…

We are expecting babies! 8. 9. 2015

The pregnancy of our black and tan girl Nea was confirmed. Hopefully she will be mum once again around 19.9.2015 <3 <3 <3

Welcome little princess 22. 5. 2013

Our ruby girl Lili have puppies – four sweet baby girls. Dad of the babies is a true Prince ;) Handsome black and tan boy, who came from the United Kingdom, Loranka's Star Prince. Both parents have these health tests: heart, eyes, patella and DNA tests.

Our puppies from litter A are in the new homes... 10. 5. 2013

The time ran very fast and all our puppies from litter A are in the new loving homes. I am sure we choose the best mums ever for them and they are very satisfied. We have visited Abby and Arya already and we will see Ricky and Livy early also. I added pictures from their new homes in the puppies photogallery and pictures from visit our handsome dad Enrico too :)

We have puppies!!! 29. 1. 2013

Here it comes – Nea gave birth to her first babies, more information on the page Puppies.

We are expecting puppies! 30. 12. 2012

We are very happy, the ultrasound confirmed Nea' s pregnancy. She prepared the most wonderful Christmas present for us… hopefully it will be unwrapped in the end of January… <3 <3 <3

Mating 1. 12. 2012

Today was the mating of our blackandtan princess Neoménie by the beautiful dog with a wonderful temperament, Enrico Black z Dvorů Stanislavic / Rebhann Raymond (UK) x U Two Unie Eve z Usedlosti Újezdec /. Enrico enchanted us with his lovely temperament, beautiful head with a sweet face and perfect body.

Both have these health tests: MVD, eyes, patella and DNA tests.

If the mating was successful, at the end of January 2013 we will welcome puppies .

Special Show 13. 10. 2012

Judge: David Moger (Anglie)

Ch. Flower Fair of Sevijean's Ex­cellent 1, CAC, Best of Colour, Best female of the Special Show

Club and Special Show 24. 9. 2012


Judge: Pam Craig (UK, kennel Aldachell)

Ch. Flower Fair of Sevijean's Ex­cellent 1, CAC, Best of Colour


Judge: Carol Jenkins (UK, kennel Hollambrie)

Ch. Flower Fair of Sevijean's Ex­cellent 1, CAC, Best of Colour

NDS Mladá Boleslav 15. 7. 2012

Judge: Zdena Jílková

Ch. Flower Fair of Sevijean's Ex­cellent 1, CAC

Lili fulfilled conditions for title GRANDCHAPION CZ

We are sooo happy… :)

Intercanis Brno 24. 6. 2012

Judge: Robert Kubeš

Ch. Flower Fair of Sevijean's Ex­cellent 2, res.CAC