About us

and our four-legged friends…

Our girls are, first of all, members of our family and they are our companions; we enjoy spending free time with them. We actively attend dog shows, we do agility in Agility Club at Moravska Trebova, we are members of ZKO 308 Moravska Trebova where we train for obedience exams. We are trying tricks with dogs at home and during our walks also and enjoying fun together.

We fell in love with cavaliers because of their amazing and airy character. They are good-tempered, friendly – either spending their time with us at shows or during training, a walk or “couching” – they are always ready to show their affection and enthusiasm when we are together..

In the beginning of 2011 we became a registred breeder – kennel Jollynea´s. Our both girls have been dams since fall 2011, they passed heart, eye, patella and DNA tests for EFS/CC/DE.

We would like to breed cavaliers in blackandtan a ruby because they are our favorite.

Our beginning with cavaliers

After our beloved black poodle lady passed out, we had spent 13,5 years together, we could not live long without a dog friend, and on February 26th, 2010, we brought home from Lomnice our first cavalier – blackandtan girl Neomenie z Panstvi Lomnice – Nea. Every day she shows us a wonderful cavalier character which was the reason why we fell to this breed, she brought us to the show rings and also to agility… Since her young age Nea has been searching and enjoying a company of other dogs. This was the reason why I started to think about getting another cavalier girl.

In December 2010 Nea received from us a present to her first birthday – a seven-months-old ruby Flower Fair of Sevijean's – Lili. In no time they were fighting for toys and played together. In spite of the fact that they are very different or maybe because of that, they have made a team. And since their first evening they have been “one paw”. Watching their crazy chases, Nea taking touching care of younger Lili, and even falling asleep paw to paw… I simply cannot be sorry for my decision to get another dog.